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25 thoughts on “How Is A Pc Better Than A Mac

  • ConstructAndDestruct

    all adobe applications work better on my pc, my 2 year old macbook air is
    shit at it.so that is obviously just apple boasting about shit.

  • clanshadow2

    Shut up. You just use WindBlows 7 and 8, Sony Vaio is stupid, I got a
    Toshiba Satelite for WindBlows Stuff, Acer Sucks, Its laggy, Bad screen,
    Stupid logo, Lenvo is a bit cool So Yeah WindBlows sucks

  • Alieno Intergalattico

    900$ notebook and after 2 years is on the trash without the battery, with
    burned graphic card and black screen, 800$ desktop after 5 years of pain
    and tears is a zombie somewhere in my house, 2x 350$ notebooks after 1 year
    i can make a bbq on those pcs, the battery lasts like 30min at full charge,
    they are slow like hell even after reinstalling the os. Now i have an ibook
    G4 that i use even for work and still a masterpiece, 150$ from ebay,
    otherwise i trashed 2400$ on stupid pc.

  • Alieno Intergalattico

    but that pc works like a 8gb mac….oh yes maybe you are one of those that
    look only the specification sheet and not the REALITY.

  • Alieno Intergalattico

    no one needs a pc, now even gamers don’t need a pc because there are no
    more many exclusives, maybe only for what that look only the graphic, but
    with a 140$ ps3/xbox360 everyone can paly the latest game in the market.

  • clanshadow2

    All my PCs are so slow except for the TOSHIBA, And the MacBook Pro runs
    extremely fast and PC Fanboys like seeing macs get kernel panics, PCs used
    to be good but MicroShit released a stupid OS Called windows 7. Home Basic
    and starter are for dummies, But home premium, Ultimate, And pro are
    superior, If you want a PC, Get a TOSHIBA, Cause it’s like mac a bit

  • Matt D.

    PC’s aren’t better than Macs. Just because of the gaming whatever, it
    doesn’t mean that the PC has better graphics than Mac. The newer Macs have
    better graphics than PC. PC’s can get viruses easily but Mac, there is a
    1/10 chance that you wouls get a virus. Also, Windows. IT SUCKS. Just
    because Windows 8 Pro came out worth $200, The Mac OS X upgrade to
    Mavericks is free. I don’t believe in PC’s and I don’t believe in you.

  • David Zhang

    @Matt. D: PC still have better graphics than Mac. The highest end Macbook
    pro has a Nvidia gt 750m card while PC can have gtx 780m sli. Windows 8 is
    indeed sh1t, but who told you that you have to go with that? And you don’t
    just go on the internet and download everything you see and open them. I
    don’t have a Antivirus and I have no intention of buying one and I never
    got a single virus