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25 thoughts on “How Much Is A Computer Diagnostic

  • RecallRanger

    Hi Carey, I read somewhere that you should ground out any static charge in
    your body by touching the case while the PC is PLUGGED IN to the wall, so
    your static charge will go to a true ground, i.e. travel through the case
    to the ground plug and to your whole house ground bus (cold water pipe,

  • RecallRanger

    Well I know that bananas don’t normally make it to the ocean, nor do whales
    make it to land (even if they are beached). But I do know that electricity
    is always looking for ground. So by using logic (instead of sarcasm), I can
    come to an intelligent conclusion. link .. att DOT
    jobs/docs/test-guides/ceiiikt_ii DOT doc

  • CareyHolzman

    I recommend you should research the difference between an Earth ground
    (which CAN kill you) and what ESD is. They are two different things. You do
    not GROUND yourself for ESD protection. You put yourself on the same
    electrical level as the device you are working in. If it is plugged into an
    Earth ground, the electricity has a path to travel that will not break like
    a fuse. You won’t be able to let go because your muscles will constrict
    from the wall voltage until your body goes limp.

  • TheGkmasta

    To clarify Carey’s comment. If there is a fault in your electrical system
    the current will often travel through the ground path (that’s why there is
    a ground). Electricity takes the least resistant path to either complete
    the circuit or to ground. If you are attached to ground (especially with a
    wrist strap) and a fault occurs the electricity might find that your body
    is the least resistant path and go thru it. Depending on the nature of the
    fault this could be deadly. (Electrical Tech degree)

  • TheGkmasta

    I admit that it would be extremely rare. Of course, a fault is pretty rare
    too. That’s why a lot of guys do the technique you suggested without
    injury. But a theoretical scenario would be a fault occurs, travels thru
    the ground wire, somewhere down the line the grounding system is broken and
    the current goes through you instead (this is especially possible in a
    house with old wiring). The bad thing is your resistance is high enough
    that it would not trip the overcurrent protection.

  • TheGkmasta

    Since grounding the computer case is not necessary nor especially helpful
    in protecting against ESD while building, it’s not worth taking the risk no
    matter how rare it may be.

  • Heavy Metal Atheist

    When it comes to Win7/8/8.1, i like the system image utility and how
    Microsoft attempted to mimic Linux’s “sudo” feature by adding UAC. UAC is
    useful to the average user even if they’re unaware. I’m running 8.1 myself,
    and must say the ability to re-install windows with the click of a button
    is pretty cool. Now, with 8/8.1 the average user can re-install windows
    without paying an overpriced repair shop, to do something so easy as
    install windows.

  • John Parker

    I’ve built and/or repaired many computers. Your technique is right on. My
    experience would tell me that the onboard video that was bad on the old
    board. They are common failures. I might be wrong but my guess would have
    been to try an external video card to see if that indeed was the problem.
    Just my way…Nice video

  • John Figueroa

    Love your videos and the shirts. I’ve been learning so much since I’ve been
    watching, very professional looking videos . keep up the good work. your

  • TheCentralServices

    I am sooo fed up with these slow, crappy Intel and AMD processors!
    Can you please make a tutorial how we can make our own fast custom

  • Tristan Wiechert

    Hi Carey, I repair PC’s also and I love your vids.
    In this video you forgot to renew the cooling paste between the old cpu and
    cpu cooler. Keep up the good work!

  • T Williams

    You got to be careful when blowing out the computer.Because you can get
    dust in the CD Rom eye and then you will have to clean the eye with a CD