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25 thoughts on “Dell Repair

  • FastVideoTech

    @maccam59 The repair cost depends on the condition of the DC Jack but
    generally range from $100 to $150 at my shop. We do a free estimate so you
    will know the cost of repair before there is any charge. Please let me know
    if you have any questions.

  • FastVideoTech

    @Aaron16 I remove the heat sink assembly so that the dust can be cleaned. A
    clean laptop is a happy laptop 🙂 The DC Jack replacement procedure of a
    Dell 1521 is very similar.

  • mgr1956

    Hi M8 We Have 2x Dell 1545 Inspirons 18 months old one decided to stop
    working while playing Diablo II last week, the power adaptor is working and
    we have even tried swopping the batteries without success. I have tried
    pressing the power button for 20 seconds with battery and power lead
    removed and leaving it for ten minutes b4 trying to restart . Any Ideas

  • David Gonzalez

    Hello i have a DELL INSPIRON 1545 work great until i went to turn it on
    yesterday and all that comes on the screen is a “BLACK CURSOR” on the top
    left hand side of the screen a damm blinking cursor, i’ve try replacing HD,
    Memory , recet the cmos .. nothing seam to work.. Do you think i have a bad
    CPU or motherboard? thank you! Very Much!!!

  • luxraytrainer13

    I have the same laptop, and when it starts up, a start up repair occurs and
    it keeps on happening. Its been going on for the past week. HELP!!!!!!

  • 8900sand

    Never buy dell, you wanna invest in pc, get Asus, i had to learn it the
    hard way, asus is a bit expensive, but the make powerful stuff, gl

  • Zoe TheCat

    I have to admit that was impressive. My Dell AC adapter started acting odd
    (recongnized and not recognized intermittently). The Li Battery was 7 years
    old, so I replaced it. Wasn’t the problem. My adapter then stopped charging
    and burned out. I got a new adapter (non Dell). It works, but STILL won’t
    charge the new Dell battery. I guess I have to face the obvious – It’s the
    Dell Power Adapter jack. Q: Is this the repair for this task? Looks
    daunting for me (novice)

  • Chayne Marten

    I have a dell laptop, but there is this problem whenever I turn it off when
    I turn it back on it looks totally diffrent.The screen is all black orange
    and white. Do u happen to know what the porblem is?