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25 thoughts on “Desktop Computer Repair Manual

  • Building a PC

    Thanks for this video, it’s nice to see an upclose view of the pin
    connectors. I bought the Asus Z87 Pro and was a bit intimidated by all of
    the connections that come with the case. You video was very helpful and
    educational. Cheers

  • 6XxDJxX9

    i plugged in everything correctly, tried both HD audio and AC97, my analog
    headset doesn’t work in both rear and front panel, the computer recognizes
    it but there’s no sound only static noise and unable to record anything. I
    enabled the audio controller in the bios installed the latest audio drivers
    didn’t mute it and still no luck help please (my case doesn’t have a
    speaker plug not sure if that affects it)

  • Kevin Colleran

    hi, it sounds like defective sound card on motherboard, but check which
    sound is set as default and change it to the other one. Make sure you are
    using the green jack plug on the back of the computer just to check that
    audio works.next thing to try is uninstall the audio and restart your
    system it might be a defective driver, that’s all you can do. falling that
    you need to get a new motherboard or bring that motherboard in for repair.
    I hope you get in sorted.

  • Rashid Sowarni

    hai, i have a problem.. my speaker cannot connected to my pc.. iv already
    check the audio driver and so on still not hear anything..its not aboaut
    driver problem.. it says ”realtek high definition audio is not plugin”..
    can u help me please

  • Kevin Colleran

    Hi Rashid, first check your audio jack is plugged into the correct jack
    plug, this plug is “green”. the next thing to check is did you build the pc
    yourself if you did then check that you plugged in the audio connector to
    the correct internal connection on the motherboard. Last thing to check is
    test the rear audio jack first that is again the green jack plug then see
    if you have audio. If you think they are all ok then uninstall driver and
    restart your pc that will install default audio.

  • Rashid Sowarni

    actually before this the sound is already there, everything normal.. front
    n rear jack can hear the sound, the problem appear when i connect my PC to
    port jack at my auditorium, after that when i connect my PC at home it
    cannot detect my speaker, nothing wrong with the speaker, i want to format
    the PC, but i think this is a hardware problem.. i used motherboard asus

  • Kevin Colleran

    Hi StrongBlockZ, as long as it is the correct switch going to correct pins
    on the motherboard then it should work, but just check the manual for your
    motherboard and follow it there. This is the only way to be sure…

  • Kevin Colleran

    Hi MrBigsandstone, Is there a usb port on the front panel? If there is,
    then there should be a cable. Maybe it’s tied up to another cable or just
    hidden from your line of sight.

  • Phil Kenn

    Ive had to send a front panel and a usb 3.0 card back because they’ve
    stopped working – fortunately Amazon UK are excellent for returns. Nice vid
    by the way, Kev mate