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25 thoughts on “Desktop Computer Repair Tips

  • BlueFoxTV

    I was working on one of these just the outer day. I had to replace the
    power supply twice. Ounce to fix the bad power supply. And then again.
    Because the Sata power connector was not a angled one and the door was not
    able to go on.

  • Maxxarcade

    @BlueFoxTV Ya, I hate the way the side panel is so close to the back of the
    drive. My main PC is like that too, but not quite as tight.

  • Knaeckebrotsaege

    oh and as for G.Skill .. they rock 😀 i’ve got a G.Skill Trident 4GB
    DDR2-1066 Kit in my main box. never had any problems with those.
    interesting fact about my kit is that they work at DDR2-1066 with 5-5-5-15
    timings at the standard 1.80V. unlike most DDR2-1066 sticks which require
    at the very least 2.0V for this. some cheaper stuff even 2.2V even if you
    decide to overvolt and overclock them, they won’t get hot. massive 2-piece
    heatsinks screwed together. google image search “g.skill trident”

  • Maxxarcade

    @Knaeckebrotsaege That’s good to know. DDR2 1066 is hard to achieve
    sometimes, even with actual 1066 modules. Is G.Skill related to Geil at
    all? I’ve never heard of them until recently. I used to use Mushkin, but I
    like G.Skill better so far. Kingston has never failed me either.

  • Knaeckebrotsaege

    @Maxxarcade i’ve heard about G.Skill back in the late Pentium 4 / DDR-RAM
    days, but that was a bit out of reach with my old PIII main box back then
    😉 i doubt they have anything to do with GeIL. oh btw.. GeIL was heavily
    discussed over here when they hit the market in germany. simply because
    “geil” means “horny” in german.. lol oh and the G.Skill kit i’m using is
    called “F2-8500CL5-2GBTD”

  • lettersfromtheleft

    Nice walkthrough man. Most people don’t realize that computer hardware from
    the last 5 years is still totally useable if you purpose it right.

  • Guy Dalziel

    I would stay clear away from graphics cards that use Sacon FZ caps. I had a
    GeForce 8600 that used them and it worked fine for about 6 months until one
    day 2 of them blew. They’re tarted up to look like solid caps but they’re

  • Maxxarcade

    @krendoshazin Yep, I quit using cheap cards years ago. I’ll be replacing
    the ones on the Evga in the near future. Evga was one of the worst
    offenders for using the FZ’s. The solder quality is also shoddy in areas.

  • Maxxarcade

    @lettersfromtheleft Yep, I even use stuff older than that. My main network
    server is only a Pentium III. As long as there is no need for modern games
    or heavy video editing, older computers are just fine for everyday use.

  • Honthetube

    So ACbel PSU’s have decent build quality… but suffer from cheap
    capacitors? i was under the impression that they where ticking time bombs
    waiting to happen from the number power mac G4’s i serviced with dead ACbel
    PSUs in them and my fathers G4 tower one went through two of them…

  • Maxxarcade

    @Madness832 No, I got the 8-4 adapter on Ebay, from a seller called
    htpcusa. You’ll also want an adapter cable if your motherboard only has a
    20 pin connector, since the 24 pin main plug doesn’t separate either.

  • Maxxarcade

    @MixerVM Hitachi bought IBM’s hard drive division. Hence the name Deskstar
    on both brands. I was probably tired and called it an IBM, because I was
    used to it.

  • 911delorean

    And there is a easy way to fix a fan temporarly i think if you take the
    label off the back of the fan and spray WD-40 in the bearing i will make
    the fan live for a little while longer and this can also fix seized fans

  • aceofclubskid

    would it be possible to get an estimate on the value of the components in
    this computer( with motherboard, cooling fans, dvd burners and power
    supply)? I found one at a garage sale, and wanted to get an idea of what I
    could get for it.