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fans spinning does not mean it works. Did that board actually boot? Also
way to go not showing any of the actual repairs done.

On those we use acetone at 100 percent, and it is not nail polish remover.
Sometimes in a pinch we use anhydrous alcohol at 99.98 percent or denatured
alcohol at 90 percent.

The IR attaching the balls back on in the stencil does not work with the
IR. Only the fluxing and reattachment does by IR, but to remove the chip to
use another we use hot air and when attaching the balls back to the new
chip while in the stencil we use hot air. So hot air to remove, hot air to
solder in the stencil, then IR to reattach to the socket.

so there is 100 percent acetone in the bucket and the next step would be
distilled water? And I guess no more than 5 minutes in the scrub bucket
because acetone is preety strong on the board is all that right?

With our Apple repairs you are right. Fans spinning does not mean much
UNLESS it is water damaged. I have yet to run into one that boots, fans
spin, that does not show video. And we do a lot of them.

Hello, yes I did. Not only the motherboard but also the sensitive amplifier
on the front-end of the receiver board…so I do not want to repeat it
again. Thank you for Your reply. M.

me niether and i dont even use gloves like you. i even set pcb’s on carpet
(a definite no-no), but still have never had a board fail after me handling

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