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25 thoughts on “Dell Laptop Computer Repair

  • PierceScan

    Hey man sorry your laptop is so messed up. Im not sure what is wrong. I
    always heard good reviews about dells, that sucks your is messed up. Hope
    you can get it fixed. Take care.

  • AuntBee09

    It’s good to hear from you. Thanx for the comment. I’m thinking about
    getting a new laptop some time, and getting rid of this one. ttyl

  • Matthew Bird

    ahh, wait, now after reviewing the ‘what has NOT helped:’ list in vid
    details, and the BSOD message on that link you gave, it looks like you have
    some bad RAM… have you recently upgraded the memory? if not try taking
    out one of the sticks (assuming it has 2 inside it)

  • Matthew Washam

    I have considered the partner thing. I will be sending you a message. Wish
    I could help you on the PC problem. When my HP died I gave up on windows
    and bought a Mac.

  • caa1000

    Maybe you don’t want to post the news videos (Leave that to KIRO!) and
    instead, post some Metro or Sound Transit bus rides! I used to do those in
    the Seattle area, but I may start doing it with the Orlando Lynx buses soon!

  • Mark Hill

    Don’t worry pal, its just not the laptops that freeze and have these
    problems. I recently purchased a Studio XPS desktop and am having exactly
    the same problems you are and more – I will post a video shortly – good

  • lewisvz

    iv never seen any thing like it. it seems like a hard ware problem and a
    soft ware problem last time it happened to me with a ibm 380d i just
    reinstalled the os and it worked for a little wile but died the same way
    then i replaced the hard drive and it worked!


    how u fix it at the moment im using safe mode with internet cuz i cant go
    on normal it just freezes and its pissing me off

  • Brianwwecw48

    i got a optiplex gx150 i gotta say they might freez every know and then but
    there a good cheap computer for internet and schoolwork mines 6 years old
    and its never give me any big issues ive just replaced the cooling fans not
    to long ago but other than that if you take care of what you got it will
    take care of you

  • muji2k6

    This is because the laptop was made for windows 98 and you have upgraded to
    xp xp will be very very slow due to the lack of ram and because the laptop
    is old

  • Candido Aviles

    my friend has this same laptop and it has a Supr PC Card and my friend said
    the internet use to work on it and now it doesn’t so I been trying to
    figure out why by going through the internet features and by the supr pc
    card software and still no luck to connect back on. do you know how or why.