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25 thoughts on “Laptop Computer Troubleshooting

  • kenneth hardman

    let me know what they say mate, its hard without actually sitting down with
    it to give you an actual definitive answer for that unusual fault

  • PortaXerouli55

    So, when I turn on my laptop, one light turns on and after 1 second the
    light turns off. It’s like going to boot up normally, but after 2 seconds
    it has only a black screen. I checked the other video in the description,
    but I thought I should get some more help..

  • mark Ross

    I have a samsung and I cant power it when I click power button nothing
    happens.no lights or indicators witch on and screen is black

  • nightshad0wz

    Trouble shooting Dell Inspiron N5110; Powers up Dell logo and then just a
    black screen with error message saying “This is product is covered by one
    or more of the following patents:…..” I went into the BIOS pressing F2 to
    make sure it boots from Hard Drive and performed a diagnostic test. The
    results came out everything working fine. Should I upgrade the BIOS or swap
    out a new Hard Drive? It’s not my laptop, I’m just helping to fix it.

  • IAmJustAnotherGamer

    Can anyone one help me. My computer starts out saying Packard bell. Then i
    when it changes to where it normally loads the users and stuff like that it
    black screens.

  • Brooke Harms

    We have a toshiba laptop the lights and fans are coming on but the screen
    is black. Just used it yesterday. Never had a problem with it before. Took
    the battery out waited and reinstalled it. Checked all connections. Can’t
    get the screen to load up???

  • Carye James Adelante

    i have this msi ex465 laptop.. it has a black screen.. i mean, it works
    fine.. but sometimes, the laptop got a black screen after a minute or two..
    or luckily still open in an hour.. im just wondering that, when it got
    black screen, the leds and fan are still on and running.. can you guess
    what might the defect of the laptop?.

  • Carye James Adelante

    im very glad u replied.. thanks for not ignoring me.. well, i think over
    heating is not issue here, because even if i try to turn it on first thing
    in the morning, it got black screen again.. and whenever i try to force
    shutdown it doesnt work.. all i have to do is pull the plug..

  • boastyy

    Could be faulty memory.if you have two sticks try one at a time in
    different slots, ,remove the hard drive battery .Look up your laptop for
    cmos reset, sometimes there are two contacts under the memory which need to
    be touched together for 5 secs as you turn the laptop on. I take the cmos
    battery out , under the keyboard or you can see the plug by the memory
    sticks underneath, otherwise you will have to strip it down.Try starting it
    with no cmos battery ,then with battery installed.goodluck

  • MissBitterSunshine

    I have the exact same problem, but I havn’t had my laptop on for about a
    month. I don’t have a cable to attach another monitor to it.

  • Rez0Ray

    I have an HP ENVY 4-1117NR 14-inch Ultrabook which I just got at March and
    it is originally rquipped with Windows 8 when I got it. Recently I decided
    to restart it because my browser was slow and I’ve done it plent before and
    there was no problem, but recently, I would turn it on, and a black screen
    with an HP logo would appear and under it would say please wait. After a
    few seconds it would then go to a completely black screen (not off) with
    the mouse icon pointer being able to be moved around.

  • Rez0Ray

    The LEDs would work and you can hear the fans running but still completely
    black. I tried connectung an external monitor through HDMI since there’s no
    VGA port, but no picture on both. I unplugged the AC adapter but can’t take
    the battery this model doesn’t allow access to the batteries.mI read about
    these symptoms and how it might relate to Windows 8 not being originally
    made for this model therefore the graphics can’t be read or something but
    I’d like somme more troubleshooting tips before

  • Richard Sarabosing

    Hi can you help me with my problem: Please search in youtube this tittle ”
    Need help on my MSI EX465 laptop ” to see the problem, i really don’t know
    what to do now, i have tried a lot of ways but didn’t solve

  • Xzsam Zillo

    My laptop has a password non account related just to open and then it just
    stops. Theres still a slight blacklight, but nothing comes up. I tried
    using F8 but nothing happened and that usually works.