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25 thoughts on “Toshiba Laptop Computer Repair

  • TeamHeavyHitters13

    i have this exact same laptop and my left mouse button has been shoved down
    and sideways into the case…is that fixable or will i just have to deal
    with the touchpad to click?

  • 116falconer

    @TeamHeavyHitters13 The laptop in the video had the exact same problem. If
    you remove the top cover you can reposition the button and simply hold it
    in place with a piece of tape. I cover that real quick in the video.

  • 116falconer

    @wescoolya I tried heating up some Elmers glue but it didn’t work. Actually
    that’s a very good idea but I don’t have a glue gun, if I run into that
    again I will go to the dollar store and pick up a cheapy. Thanks a lot for
    the idea and for watching the video.

  • hferral

    116falconer :This video its awesome Sr. and by the way,I’m about to start
    fixing my son’s laptop , same problem, its exactly like this one ,i just
    have a question, once the hard drive its back in place, do we need to do
    any recovery on the system after that,? no OS problems or anything like

  • hferral

    @116falconer Thanks for your time,and about the hdd, im just putting the
    same one, now, this is what happend after that, i did replace the dc
    jack,put everything back in the way it was before,it turns on but theres no
    image on screen. Q: Can the loose dc jack may have burned the motherboard?

  • unevercalled

    Hey do you know anything about Toshiba Equium L40? I can’t seem to find a
    video telling me how to remove the keyboard anywhere

  • Tedeeeyumm

    My Toshiba L455 had malware and quit working. It has power but the screen
    is blank, black. It won’t boot up and it won’t recover with a recovry disk.
    Should I try changing the ram. Where would I get one for cheap Do you think
    the ram is corrupted.

  • cablenewsguy

    Sorry I never saw your comment, somehow my settings got changed and I
    wasn’t receiving notification of new comments, I thoughts things got real
    quite. Did you ever get the laptop fixed?

  • unevercalled

    That would be so helpful. The laptop is kinda old but I can’t really afford
    a new one right now and I need it for uni, so I’d really appreciate it 🙂

  • 116falconer

    Here is a link to a really good trouble shooting guide h t t p : / /
    pcsupport.about. com / o d / findbysymptom /ht / pconthenoff . htm give it
    a try in case you haven’t. Let me know if you have any questions. Remove
    all the spaces in the link

  • RhiscFactor

    Man, thanks for this tutorial. It is exactly what I needed to fix the kids’
    laptop. I had the exact same two problems too….coincidence? I THINK NOT!
    hahahaha Also, your commentary was more helpful than you might realize,
    helping dudes to remember which screw went where, etc. THANKS!!

  • Ally Kat

    Great Video! My kids laptop had the exact same problem with the power port
    and I was able to repair it with the help of your video! Thanks a bunch!

  • Brady Perreard

    166falconer. my 455 had left button stuck down to the side. i tryef to pull
    it out abd a small spark went off then now it wont turn on. please help
    when i plug it in it shows battery and wall outlet light. i hold power down
    and one light turns on then turns off. please email me at
    delpasohights916@gmail.com. please.

  • Jaden Walker

    I thought taking out the wires after removing the keyboard would be the
    easiest part. Nope! I just accidentally broke the wires instead. Oops.