PC Repair for the North Raleigh Area – (919)4049325
PC Repair for the North Raleigh Area – (919)4049325

Computer Maintenance

happy-computer-guyRegular computer maintenance is important in order to keep your computer running smoothly and free of avoidable issues.

Some of the maintenance services we offer:

    • Crack open the case to clean the hardware when indicated. In dusty/dirty environments particularly, dust will will collect inside the case and possibly lead to overheating and eventual failure.


    • General file cleaning to remove temporary and unneeded files. This removes old files that are no longer needed which in turn frees up disk space, reduces disk load and will improve performance. These files reside in a number of places.


    • Registry cleaning to remove invalid entries. The registry is where Windows operating systems keep track of software, users and settings, and generally most all of the software characteristics of your computer. Over time, installing and uninstalling software will leave this particular area full of invalid entries that can cause systems to slow down, applications to hang or not even start, and even cause system crashes. Skillful cleaning of the registry can make a huge improvement to a computer.


    • Uninstall garbage or unneeded programs. Many computers that are “preloaded” from the factory frequently include a number of trial and/or generally unneeded programs. By removing these, performance can be increased. Simpler is always better.


    • Verify that the computer antivirus and computer anti spyware programs are active and viable. We will always ensure that a valid computer antivirus program is running on your computer after servicing. Computer antivirus software is free for all home customers!


    • Make sure all relevant Microsoft patches and Windows updates are applied. Many computers are set to auto update, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those patches are actually all applied. MS patches frequently are security updates to ensure up to date protection from new computer viruses, hacks and other exploits. It is imperative that these are applied to protect your computer.


    • Finally, a good hard drive disk defragement is performed. Defragmenting involves getting the file parts all together in a single unit.


    • Other actions are performed at times depending on the situation including disk cloning, data backup, intensive antivirus scans.