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Best Ways to Speed up Windows 7

Windows 7 is an operating system that was designed to be faster and more efficient than previous Windows systems such as Vista or XP. To get the most out of it, though, may require you to make some changes and adjustments. Most likely, you have settings that are slowing it down, or perhaps you need to scan your computer for viruses or malware. We’ll be looking at some effective ways to speed up Windows 7 in this article.

There are certain sounds on your computer, such as the sound it makes when starting up that can affect your booting up speed quite a bit. By setting your sounds settings to “no sound,” you’ll be removing unnecessary sounds and improve performance. This won’t affect audio when you play videos or visit websites with audio, it will only disable the Windows-related sounds such as you hear when starting your computer or when clicking on or closing applications. Another feature you may want to shut off is search indexing, though if you do a lot of searching, doing this might slow it down. To find this, just go to the search box and type in “index” and you’ll see the indexing options control panel. You may want to disable Active Desktop, unless it’s something that you actually use. Active Desktop allows you to place parts of web pages that you frequently visit on your desktop. While this can be convenient, it can also slow down the system. Unless it’s important to you to see certain web pages on your desktop, you probably don’t need this feature. After all, when you go online you can bookmark your favorite sites easily enough, and choose your favorite site for your home page. Another way to free up RAM and speed up Windows 7 is to set your desktop background to a solid color. This can be done by clicking on desktop and choosing Personalize. Your desktop won’t look quite as colorful as it did before, but it will run a little faster.

You may notice that Windows 7 frequently alerts you to updates. These automatic updates are commonplace, and they can slow down your system and can make internet browsing slower as well. You can disable automatic updates on your control panel to prevent this from happening. This means, of course, that you have to manually download any updates that you want. It’s important to keep your computer updated on issues related to security, so if you disable automatic updates make sure that you stay informed about what updates are important. On the other hand, many updates are not essential and are only slowing down your computer. Making Windows 7 faster is not usually difficult, but it forces you to look at everything on your computer and decide what you really need. Don’t go overboard and start deleting and disabling features and programs that you frequently use. Remember that each adjustment you make is only going to have a small effect, but taken together they can have a real impact on performance.

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